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BGC Smart Chain

A Parallel BGC Chain to Enable Smart Contracts

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If you want to add the BGC network, you can find the relevant network information under Network information.

Network Information

Network Name BGC (BingoX Business Game Chain)
RPC URL http://****
Chain ID 11211
Currecy Symbol BGas
Block Explorer URL http://****

BGOX Tokens

Symbol BGOX
Decimals 6
Smart Contract 0x446zccva3321***************2c921cy296yt0Ft

xUSDT Tokens

Symbol xUSDT
Decimals 6
Smart Contract 0x21965768d2925***********cc550f8eB31243Aa

xBGC Tokens

Symbol xBGC
Decimals 6
Smart Contract 0628014b745c82fa**********64D14B0698xe4A68

What is BingoX Business Game Chain (BGC) Smart Chain?

BGC Smart Chain (BGC)

This dual-chain architecture will empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.


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BGC Smart Chain (BGC) supports the most popular programming languages, flexible tools, and comes with clear and canonical documentation. You can quickly start and deploy your application on a blockchain designed with real use in mind.
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Best EVM Compatible

The best-performing EVM compatible layer 1. Fully compatible tooling for EVM with up to 35 times of capacity.

Massive User Base

Handling the largest daily active users and the highest peak EVM transactions with economical fees.

Most Diversified Assets APIs

Full support on all popular tokens via the most powerful Binance Bridge. The greatest opportunity for composability.

Strongest Ecosystem

Supported by a robust ecosystem of top-tier RPC plants, wallets, blockchain explorers, data indices, and substantial grants.